Our practice


Consultancy and strategic advisory services

  • Planning the legal, tax and costs structure of a project with a view to benefit from tax incentives
  • Planning and applying for subsidies and tax incentives in each country, including regulatory support
  • Advising on legal, country and strategic risks in each jurisdiction 

Services for supporting project needs: we offer global consultancy services, providing practical solutions and support to local and international productions, such as:

  • Compliance and production risk management (human, legal, civil and criminal liability, etc.)
  • Diversity, inclusion, sustainability and other solutions demanded in this current times and globalised context
  • Identifying local producers and servicers in each country
  • Product placement integration, bringing brands and entertainment content together 

Raising private funding (content investors, financial lenders or tax incentives investors): we offer financing related services seeking private investors or bank entities interested in financing and assists in the whole process of negotiating and executing the relevant finance and security documents in relation there to

Legal services in 14 jurisdictions

  • Corporate / finance
  • Intellectual property
  • Tax
  • Labour

Our Team

This initiative differs from any other by the integration of  multidisciplinary teams, led by producers with international experience,  who together with the legal and fiscal group specialized in each of the  different territories that the group covers, we work to maximize the  resources available in each country.

Backed by the experience of the team, we advise on the execution of  your project, helping with financing, and supporting an execution that  maintains the quality standards that producers aspire to achieve.

Our Value Proposition

Integrated in the international organization of the law firm ONTIER, we are a consulting company specialized in helping to finance projects related to the world of entertainment (which includes film, television and live events or via live stream) [and innovation], that thinks globally and acts locally with maximum efficiency.

We are focused on advising producers to structure and manage production, financing and distribution transactions both for local and international productions in order to take advantage of tax incentives in one or more jurisdictions. We facilitate access to private capital willing to invest in content, provide lending support and/or benefit from tax incentives.

Executives with previous experience in content production participate in our company, which allows us to identify the needs of the industry from the inside and provide a comprehensive service tailored to each project.

We have our own offices with highly experienced professionals in thirteen countries, and with resources and alliances to operate where we are not present; offering services in all the territories where the great majority of audiovisual production is concentrated, paying special attention to tax benefits from each market.

Due to our relationship with local companies in multiple sectors, we have an extensive network of investors to finance projects. In addition, our network of production experts offers the logistics solutions that are necessary for carrying out a production plan, if necessary.

We work very close to the client and remote productions with the goal of attracting resources and generating savings.